Automatic Film Applicator - Model - SM102

Lloyds Automatic Film Applicator is widely used for the application of coatings for paints, varnishes, adhesives, liquid printing inks to produce quick, accurate and repeatable surface coatings on various substrate independent of the operator.

In order to meet specific demands, Lloyds has a high quality, high precision Automatic Film Applicator for greater repetition and reproduction while undertaking large number of sample tests.

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  • Automatic laboratory equipment for accurate and reproducible application of coating materials, adhesives and similar products, independent of operator
  • Multi-functional use with reversible, double sided glass plate (glass/printing blanket), easy to change or turn over
  • Adjustable application area with moveable start position
  • For use with almost all type of film applicators
  • Designed for intensive use over a long period
  • Optional vacuum plate (bed)
  • Application Bed Area (L) 410 x (B) 250 mm Wire bar application (coating) Area (L) 320 x (B) 210 mm
  • Dual surface application bed, Printing blanket & Glass
  • Drawing Speed from 1 - 255 mm/s
  • Design confirms ASTM D 823 - C
  • ASTM D 823
  • Lacquers & Varnishes
  • Ceramic & Cosmetic
  • Resins & Adhesives
  • Pigments & Dyes
  • Paper & Board
  • Liquid inks
  • Paints