Computerised Ink-o-scope Model - 92SAV - SC2

We have developed the third generation of Ink-O-Scope to evaluate ink formulation, dynamic behaviour on press condition and a dynamic tack.

Tack dynamic behaviour analysis is used by ink makers and users to ensure the quality and consistency of the inks and its formulations.

The Lloyds Ink-O-Scope operates on an international level with data exchange between various facilities to ensure homogeneous quality.

Download A PDF Brochure
  • Very high accuracy 100% Reproducible results
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Data recording speed of 1000 readings a minute
  • Individual display of all programmable test parameters
  • Zero to Minimal Maintenance
  • Tackoware Software (optional) for graphical online presentation, data interchange and comparisons of infinite resultsDownload PDF
  • Easy cleaning
  • Data recording speed of 1000 readings a minute
  • Zero to Minimal Maintenance
  • Rubber rollers for conventional or UV curing inks
  • Individual display of all programmable test parameters
  • Easy DIY digital calibration by simple dead-weight method (No varnishes or ink)

Tack Measurement in three independent simultaneous separate scsales:

  • 0-50 gm-mtr (Inkometer-ASTM)
  • 0-50 gm-mtr (Inkometer-ASTM)
  • 0-600 (Europe,Tack-O-Scope)
  • User settable for reference
  • Test speed : 150 to 3000 RPM (720 Meters/min)
  • ASTM D 4361
  • Refrigerated Water Bath System with 0.1° C accuracy
  • Advance Data Acquisition SoftwareLithography for Ink-Water dynamic balance study
  • Data Capture speed of up to 1000 readings / sec
  • Create databases for future reference
  • Create Comparison charts for unlimited tack data
  • Easy setup and configuration on Windows OS
  • Programmable cycle to run test unsupervised
  • 15 years of bug free operations
  • USB or Serial Port for half Duplex communication