Vibrationless Vibroshaker - Model - SM 111


Lloyds introduces, for the first time in the world vibration less vibroshaker, used for testing of pigments, paints, inks and textile pastes.

The most advanced technology replaces all the drawback of the conventional vibroshaker technology with enhanced test speed, repeatability and comparative test for high confidence on the product quality.

It can easily perform a specified test with no loss of material and meet the required standards.

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  • Failsafe electronic design for high productivity with inbuilt digital programmable set and trip
  • Variety of options for the quantity of test sample
  • No spring mounted base or foundation required
  • Heavy duty and continuous rating operation
  • Vibration-less technology
  • State-of-art design gearbox with opposite direction movement to nullify vibrating forces
  • Timer to conduct the test up to 99.9 minutes
  • Fast, accurate and 100 % reproducible results
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Oscillations 16mm reciprocation in X-axis, and 30o tilting in Y-axis
  • Oscillation Speed 700 spm (shakes / min)
  • Variety of interchangeable canisters and canisters holders for following volume are available as extra optional accessories. 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml in set of 8 pcs
  • Standard machine is supplied with 8 nos of 125 ml stainless steel canisters and its canisters holders
  • Electrical 440 V / 3 phase /1000 Watts