Automatic Pigment Muller - Model- 92NM

Lloyds Automatic Pigment Muller grinder is an essential laboratory tool used worldwide by pigment manufacturer to obtain optimal and perfectly reproducible grinding and dispersions.

It is typically used as a quality control tool for measurement of colour strength variation of similar products or against known standard reference under identical test conditions.

Test can be carried out with product quantities from 3 to 7 grams.

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  • Complies with all applicable international standards and EC directives
  • Floating disc design ensures 100% even distribution of load between glass diskettes
  • State-of-the-art load Cartridge system design for accurate reproducible grinding force
  • Easy lever assisted adjustment for grinding force
  • Easy lever assisted engaging and separation of Glass Diskettes
  • Unique “ Fail Safe ” safety design protects glass diskettes from breaking during handling failure
  • Non-contact electronic controls with separate cycle and revolution counts display
  • Water cooled Muller Model 92 NMW with inlet availability for top Glass diskette (Separate Model)
  • Compact and fully stainless steel body with state-of-the-art design
  • Designed for intensive use over a long period with low to zero maintenance
  • Glass Diameter 185 mm
  • Adjustable grinding Force up to 100 Kgf/ 150 lbf
  • Electrical Supply 440V 3 Phase (0.37kW)
  • ASTM D 378-60
  • ASTM D 332-64
  • ISO 787-13/16/24
  • NFT 30 023
  • Glass diskettes
  • Water Bath system for Muller Model 92NMW
  • Colour comparison
  • Colour strength
  • Dispersion ability
  • Relative tinting strength
  • Grinding to particle size study (pigment hardness)