Smmart Proofer Model - SF92NM1

The Lloyds low cost Ink Proofer (SF92NM1) is for quick, repeatable and high accuracy proofing and colour-matching on all types of litho, web- offset, letterpress inks and varnishes.

Smmart proofers saves time & cost as it eliminates the need of a printing press. This versatile equipment print strips of 50 mm x 150 mm with a set ink layer thickness which can be used for multiple application.

The Smmart proofers can print on all sorts of coated and un-coated paper, board, plastic films and laminates etc (flexible substrates only)

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  • Supplied with fixed measuring bar for variable film thickness (1.5 g/m2 and 2.5 g/m2)
  • Accurate Proofs with Excellent reproducibility in single operation
  • Eliminates human error as in conventional inks proofing kit
  • Prints on various flexible surfaces up to 2 mm thick
  • Designed for intensive use over a long period
  • Modern and Sturdy design
  • Printing Roller Options standard conventional,UV (optional)/ Combi (optional, std and UV both)
  • Printing Force FIX 600 N
  • Printing length 150 mm
  • Printing Width 50 mm
  • Adhesion & Gloss measurement
  • Rub & Abrasion Resistance
  • Determination of coverage
  • Colour matching systems
  • Colour Measurement
  • Density measurement
  • Set-off measurement
  • Ink transfer in g/m2
  • Chemical resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Visual appraisal
  • Light Fastness
  • Print Quality
  • Flexibility

Ink Proofing Kit Model - Manual

The Ink Proofing Kit consists of a compact kit housed in a sturdy wooden case. It can quickly produce a proof that replicate show ink will appear on a printed copy from the press.

The kit consists of a smooth flat glass plate, a steel measuring bar and plunger for obtaining an accurate predetermined volume of ink, a steel spatula for filling the measuring bar.

The roller assembly,consists of a nitrile pvc blend roller that will work with conventional, hybrid, and UV inks. The roller is used to distribute the ink on the plate and make a proof.

Download A PDF Brochure
  • Provide quick and accurate proofs of inks on coloured stocks or when over printing another colour
  • Provide an inexpensive method of checking ink-colour and strength for ink makers and users
  • Provides proofs to test ink drying,rub resistance and light fastness
  • Prints on various surfaces and for customer approval
  • Indicates quantity of ink required
  • Accurate Proofs in single operation
  • Exhibit ink colour change when dry
  • Printing Roller Options standard conventional,UV (optional)/ Combi (optional, std and UV both)
  • Roller Diameter 35 mm and Length 50 mm
  • Printing length 110 mm
  • Printing Width 50 mm